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What is Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis is a virtual community of teens who are committed to soaring into better versions of themselves. Through the power of positive influence, we encourage one another and celebrate each other’s successes and growth.

Metamorphosis teens know that they have the ability to accomplish anything. They recognize that who they are and how they grow has an impact on the entire world, and that excites them.

Ready to begin the journey? Scroll down to read about and watch the video about our 90-day challenge.  

This program is amazing, phenomenal, incredible etc. Devorah Buxbaum is equally amazing, phenomenal etc. Girls engage with peers in self reflection, education and growth. As we’re in COVID times, the entire program has been done virtually (so it doesn’t matter where you live, it’s worth considering). It’s absolutely worth it!

- Anne M., Parent

How to get involved: The Power Pack and 90-Day Challenge

The journey into the Metamorphosis community begins with a 90-day challenge. Specially designed to create zero burnout and no zoom fatigue, this program will excite you with exciting challenges, engaging videos, and a call to action to make positive choices in your lives. 

– Each participant will be added to a private WhatsApp group where they will receive weekly motivational videos, quotes, and memes with messages of positivity and growth.

-Twice a month, challenges will be introduced to the group.  Girls will participate in the challenge and show that their challenge was done by taking a selfie or video and posting it in the WhatsApp group. Girls will earn prizes and raffle tickets each time they participate in a challenge. 


– Participants will be shipped a Metamorphosis Power Pack with branded swag as well as items they will use to complete the challenges.  Included in this pack is: 

    • Fun swag including a T-shirt, mask, stationary and laptop stickers. 
    • Tools for empowerment including journal and pen.
    • Items for challenges including cards, mirror marker, glue stick, lollipops, challah bags, bead kits. etc. 
    • Special bonus! Order now and receive a Menorah and Candles in time for Chanukah.

– Participants will get together virtually twice a month for a 15 minute “zoom party” where we will connect, discuss and party over our accomplishments.

The 3 Core Elements of the 90-Day Challenge:

Be More Confident
Only when we can take small steps to be more brave,  can we discover the power of our own light. Each of us has a tremendous amount of light to add to this world and make a difference, and it needs to start with owning who we are and being brave enough to step out of our comfort zones. 
Be More Positive
We don’t have to have a reason to feel good.- we are alive! We can feel good for no good reason at all. Learn the art to get into a positive mindset.  Positivity shapes our every moment of existence and with the proper tools, we can lead lives that we are constantly feeling good for no reason at all. 
Be More Kind

Teaching our girls that in a world where they can choose anything, choosing kindness takes utmost importance.  Learning to give and to think of others will not only make the girls aware of the importance of giving, but it will make them feel so good that all they will want to do is be more kind. 

Upcoming Programs

Next 90-Day Challenge: Nov 12th 2023- Jan 21st 2024


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