Celebrate High Holidays with Lev! 

For the first time, The Lev Experience will bring together Jews from all different backgrounds for an inspiring and interactive High Holiday experience with a variety of services and classes.

Whether you enjoy a traditional service in Hebrew, or you prefer more explanations and prayers in English, or you want to hear inspiring classes that we will give you focus for your new year, the Lev High Holiday Experience will offer different options for you to experience these “Days of Awesome”, in a way that will be most meaningful for you!

At the Hilton Garden Inn Rockville-Gaithersburg
14975 Shady Grove Road Rockville, Maryland 20850 USA

Rosh Hashana: September 25th-27th
Yom Kippur: October 4th-5th

High Holidays FAQ

Who is this program for?

Lev High Holidays is for the individual who enjoys learning, singing, and an intimate community feel. You do not have to have attended a Lev program before and there are no “Lev members”. We do hope, however, that you will enjoy High Holidays so much, you will be exciting to join us throughout the year!

What will services be like?

The High Holiday experience will offer different tracks at different times to cater to our wide range of attendees.

At times, everyone will be together to experience a talk, or shofar blowing, and selected prayers. At other times our attendees can choose to join a more traditional service (user-friendly with page numbers announced, short explanations, and lots of singing) or a more interactive experience with more explanations and more prayers in English).  

There will also be Kiddush on Rosh Hashana and additional classes offered after the service. 

Please note that in the traditional service and at certain times when everyone is together, there will be separate sections for men and women. There will be family seating in the interactive track and all classes.

There are no musical instruments at any of the service. All melodies will be led by Rabbi Buxbaum “and special guests”.

Rosh Hashana Schedule

Click here to download a PDF of the full detailed schedule. 

Erev Rosh Hashanah- Sunday, September 25th

7 pm– Evening Services

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 &2- Monday and Tuesday, September 26 & 27

9 am: Traditional Shacharit Service* (Until 11:45am)

9:30 am: Understanding the Prayers (Alternative explanatory service with Rabbi Shlomo)

10:25 am: Class with Devorah Buxbaum (Day1: Giving Birth to a Year of Greater Power, Day 2: The Hidden Message of Tashlich)

11:15 am: Interactive Torah Reading

11:45 am: Kiddush

12:15 pm: Shofar Blowing. Introduction with Rabbi Shlomo 

12:45 pm: Traditional Mussaf Service* (until 2:30 pm)

1:15 pm:  Breakout Session/Wrap up with Rabbi Shlomo and Devorah

*This part of the service will have separate sections for men and women 

Yom Kippur Schedule

Click here to download a PDF of the full detailed schedule. 

Yom Kippur Eve- Tuesday, October 4th

6:15 pm Candle Lighting Ceremony

6:35 pm– Kol Nidre Service*

7:25 pm– Guided Evening Service*

Yom Kippur Day- Wednesday, October 5th

9 am: Traditional Shacharit Service* (Until 11:45am)

9:45 am: Understanding the Prayers (Alternative class and prayers with Rabbi Shlomo)

10:45 am: Class with Devorah Buxbaum

11:30 am: Interactive Torah Reading with teens

Noon: Yizkor

12:15 am: Pre-mussaf Remarks with Rabbi Shlomo

12:30 pm: Guided Traditional Mussaf Service* 

1:15 pm: Breakout Sessions with Guest Speakers (see full schedule for details)

4:20 pm: Afternoon Mincha Services

6 pm– Neila Service*

*This part of the service will have separate sections for men and women

Are there options to come for only some of the time?
Many of our Lev friends attend services at other synagogues. All are welcome to join us for classes, meals, and second day Rosh Hashana only. See below for special drop-in prices.
What is the cost?

A full ticket for adults and children is $180 for RH and YK.

There is a $720 family max per holiday. (Can be used for parents and children coming with their parents.) 

For Rosh Hashana there is a special “drop-in price” of $45 for those who are attending services elsewhere but would like to join for some classes or second day RH only.

There is a special rate for young professionals (ages 21-35) of $100 for RH and YK. 

 If any of the costs above are prohibitive, please feel free to reach out to us at info@levx.org.

The Hotel
Services will be held in the main ballroom of the Hilton Garden Inn.

The Buxbaum family and several friends will be staying at the hotel. There is a special Lev discount for those who would like to take hotel rooms or suite rooms in the adjoining Homewood suites.

Here are links for rooms:

Help Support Our Mission

The Lev Experience is listed by the IRS as an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.