What is the Lev Experience?

The Hebrew word lev means heart. We are all looking to live with a little more lev. In fact, what we really want is for life to be a… Lev Experience!

Founded by Rabbi Shlomo and Devorah Buxbaum,  the LEV Experience is a grassroots organization meant for anyone looking to deepen their connection to Jewish life and learn more about the wisdom and the values that Jewish living contains within it.

Our mission: To empower individuals to find greater meaning, purpose, and possibilities in life by deepening their connection to Jewish wisdom and values.

We offer learning opportunities and powerful Jewish experiences in homes, offices, and communities in the Greater Washington Area, giving our participants the opportunity to experience Judaism in a setting and at a pace that excites them.

Meet Rabbi Shlomo & Devorah Buxbaum

Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum is a dynamic Jewish educator and motivational speaker with the ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds in a language and style that they feel at home with.

He lectures on a wide range of topics including daily spirituality, love and relationships, law and ethics, Kabbalah/mysticism, Jewish mindfulness and more, encouraging each and every individual to discover their unique potential and to always find the joy in their Judaism. He is also a life coach and a musician. 

He is the author of “The Four Elements of an Empowered Life: A Guidebook to Discovering Your Inner World and Unique Purpose” (Mosaica Press 2021) and “The Four Elements of Inner Freedom: The Exodus as a model for Personal Breakthrough” (M.P. 2023). He is also the host of the “Empowered Jewish Living Podcast”.

Rabbi Shlomo’s articles and videos, as well as information about his life coaching and speaking can be found on RabbiShlomo.com.

Devorah Buxbaum is a passionate and dynamic educator who lectures for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

She is the co-founder of the Lev Experience where she teaches weekly Torah classes, offers 1:1 coaching and counseling sessions, leads challah baking classes, and directs many other programs attracting women and teens from all Jewish backgrounds. Her Bat Mitzvah Queens and Metamorphosis programs have impacted hundreds of girls in the Greater DC area and beyond. She has led trips to Israel and international women’s retreats.

Devorah has been bringing her passion and warmth to Jewish education, outreach, and community work for decades. She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver and was the Director of Women’s Programming for Aish of Greater Washington, before co-founding The Lev Experience with her husband, Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum.

The Buxbaums live in Silver Spring, MD and have five adorable children.